Audit & Optimise Your Website

let’s ensure your website is in the best position for growth and success

Audit & Optimise is a package that aims to enhance and improve your current website. It’s not about starting from scratch. It’s ensuring your current website is set up for long-term success by refining your design, content and search engine appeal.

Online trends are constantly emerging. Internet technology and user expectations are changing and adapting at lightning speed. That’s the beauty of the internet. For small business owners, it can, however, make you feel like your always playing catch-up. Maintaining and implementing a strategy to grow your website presence requires time and effort that you just can’t schedule into your already packed diary.

That’s where ‘Audit & Optimise’ comes in. Instead of you having to research and review whether your website is performing as well as it could and what needs to be improved, I’ll do it for you.

This isn’t a generic overview of common issues and solutions. It’s a custom review outlining areas for improvement and strategic steps to future-proof your website.

What is included in the audit?

  • Full review of your website
    • Skype or Google Hangouts consultation to discuss your website
    • Research and analysis of your design, content and search engine optimisation
  • Error check
    • Identify and fix errors from missing pages/posts, broken links and missing images
  • Basic SEO
    • Full technical SEO audit
    • Review of your titles and descriptions
    • Checking page load speed and ways to improve
    • Setup Google analytics and search console to monitor traffic
    • Submit sitemaps to search engines
    • Ensure the website is readable by search engines
  • Content strategy
    • Evaluation of your content relevancy and performance
    • Identify page performance – ie. pages with high impressions but no conversions
    • Advice on where content can be combined to reduce duplicate or low-value rankings
    • Removal of outdated or irrelevant content
    • A plan for ongoing content strategy including examples and ideas for future articles and content

Audit & Optimise Investment: £500*

*For large and ecommerce websites, please contact for a quote.

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Get your website performing for your business by applying strategic changes that add value and grow your small business online.

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