How to Create Beautiful “About Me” Profile Widget on Your WordPress Websites

Bernadette from PHPBITS Creative Studio is guest posting today to show you how to create a beautiful “about me” profile widget on your WordPress website.

Create beautiful “About Me” Profile widget on your WordPress websites in just a few easy steps. You just have to download the Easy Profile widget by PHPBITS Creative Studio and place it in any widget area, like the sidebar. This widget lets you display your Gravatar and bio. It also has custom Read More link you can set to any one of your existing profile pages.

Where to show your “About Me” Profile Widget

Depending on the theme, an author’s display name and Gravatar appear on any of the content areas in the blog posts. If you want to add more details, you place a text widget. Now, with Easy Profile Widget, you won’t need to change theme or add text widget to display author’s profile. You just add this widget to any area you like, customize content, and you’re all set.

However, I know that there are some issues on visibility. Most likely you don’t want Easy Profile widget to appear in every page but want it to show on every post. Moreover, you want every single post to bear the profile of its own author. I have addressed these issues here using another plugin called Widget Options. In the following tutorial for adding “About Me” profile widgets in one content area, I have included a walk-through for hiding and showing them on specific posts.

Steps to Create Beautiful “About Me” Profile Widget

Follow these steps to set up your About Me profile widget.

Step 1. Download Easy Profile Widget.

From your WordPress dashboard, click “Plugins > Add New”. Then, in the “Add Plugins” page, type “Easy Profile Widget” into the Keyword Search field. The image below shows Easy Profile Widget on the search result. Next, click “Install Now”. Finally, click the “Activate” button, which shows up when the download is complete.

Step 2. Go to Appearance > Widgets.

You will find that Easy Profile is already added the Available Widgets list.

Drag Easy Profile to any of your widget areas. Here, I am placing it on the Blog Sidebar.

Step 3. Begin customizing.

You can add a title.  Here, I use “About Bernadette Lee”. (I use the author’s name to easily identify whose profile widget this is. I will explain more later on.) You can use any title you want, such as “About the Author”, “About Me”, “Author’s Profile”, etc.

Next, on the Gravatar tab, select the WordPress user whose Gravatar shall appear on the widget. This is important not to miss especially if you have more than 1 user for your site.  Note that I have three users on the list. I am also creating profile widgets for the other two later.

You can also adjust the Gravatar size, alignment, and shape.

Step 4. Edit author’s description.

On the Description tab, you can choose whether to use the preset Author Bio (which you can change on your profile page) or place a custom description.

Step 5. Choose your extended “About Me” page.

You can skip this step if you don’t have an extended page. Otherwise, from the dropdown menu, choose a page to use with the extended page link. Then, you can replace the default link text “Read More” with any text you like. Click “Save”.

Control Easy Profile Widget’s Visibility

Now, the Easy Profile widget for Bernadette Lee appears on all pages and posts.

But wait, you don’t want to show it on any of your pages. Also, you don’t want it to appear on all of the posts because some of those posts don’t belong to this author.

To resolve this, take the next few steps.

Step 6. Hide Easy Profile on pages.

For this purpose, you need a widget management plugin. I use Widget Options to control all my widgets’ visibility on posts, pages, devices, and even user roles.

Once installed and activated, Widget Options controls should appear on every active widget.

Click the Visibility tab (the “eye” icon). On the Hide/Show menu, choose “Hide on checked pages”; then, on the Post Types tab, check “Pages” under Custom Post Types list.  This should hide Easy Profile on all pages.

Step 7. Hide Easy Profile on specific posts.

Some posts don’t belong to Bernadette Lee, so her Easy Profile doesn’t have to appear on those posts.

On the Class, ID, & Logic tab (“gear” icon), click the Logic tab, and place the conditional tag that hides Bernadette Lee’s Easy Profile from some posts.

I place the tag  !is_single(array(’84’, ’90’, ‘266’, ‘268’)) in which 84, 90, 266, and 268 are the IDs of the posts I want to hide the widget from.

To locate your WordPress Post ID, go to your WordPress Dashboard and hover over the “Edit Post”, as shown in the image below to reveal the Post ID at the bottom of your browser.

Click “Save” before you go to the front end to check all the changes you made.

Create Easy Profile for your other users

At this point, you want to create Easy Profile widgets for the other users/authors. All you have to do is follow steps 2 to 6 for each new Easy Profile Widget. You can customize the widget title; for example, you use “About Nadine Mendoza” this time to easily refer to this widget as hers when you need to make any changes later.

When you finish all five steps, proceed to Step 7 to hide the widget from pages and this time show it to specific posts.

On the logic tab, I type in the following conditional tag:

is_single(array(‘266’, ‘268’))

This is to show Nadine Mendoza’s Easy Profile to articles with Post IDs 266 and 268 only.

Note that I hid Bernadette’s Easy profile from those posts, so there’s no way her widget will appear on them.

Do the same with the next Easy Profile widget. You may also opt to place profile widgets somewhere else, like the sidebar.

I hope you find this tutorial really helpful for creating “About Me” profiles for all your admins, authors, and contributors using the Easy Profile Widget. Moreover, I am delighted to have been able to also share with you what Widget Options can do to manage this widget’s visibility. Imagine the time I saved from doing coding work just to hide and show Easy Profile widgets on certain places in my website!

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