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How To Take Better Images For Your Website

How To Take Better Images For Your Website

I talk a lot about website images. Particularly the importance of using high-quality images on websites. And it’s something I’ll continue repeating forever. Because I believe that images play an …

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Stay Weird Free Wallpaper

Yo! Today I’m sharing the latest free wallpaper with you and it’s a goodie.  I won’t deny being a bit weird in a variety of ways and you know what …

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Do Not Compromise Yourself – Janis Joplin | Free Wallpaper

It’s been weeks since I added a new wallpaper download to the blog – yikes! My excuse, and it’s a good one, is that I’ve been super busy with client …

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How To Make Your Website Social Media Friendly 1 1

How To Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

Social media is an integral part of our lives personally and professionally. Whether you are a huge corporate giant or a small local brick and mortar business chances are that …

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Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Search Ranking

What Is SEO & 5 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Search Ranking?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a term that many small business owners and bloggers know but often don’t understand. And you know what? That’s fine. Because SEO is confusing. …

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Logo Design London Branding Small Business

The Best Free Mockup Resources For Your Designs

As a designer mockups are an excellent way for me to showcase my work throughout my website and on social media. Mockups can also be used to help clients visualize …

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Positive Thinking Free Wallpaper

Well we are only a few days away from July… where has the time gone? For this weeks’ free wallpaper I wanted to do something colourful and positive so I …

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Live Creatively Free Wallpaper

Yo! It’s free wallpaper time. If you have been following me for awhile you’ll have noticed that I love textures. This is not a new thing, I have enjoyed this …

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How Often Do You Need To Update Your Website 1 1

How Often Do You Need To Update Your Website?

Like other aspects of your business, your website must be continually adapting and adjusting to the changing market and desires of your clients. It’s no longer acceptable (or advisable) to …

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