Review My Website

You want to improve your website but don’t know where to start? Get a helping hand with a comprehensive website review.

Can you afford to have a bad website?

Customer experience is now more important than brand loyalty and even price with consumers. In 2020, customer experience starts on your website.

Users expect to find information quickly, have a smooth checkout and be able to easily navigate your website on all devices. Almost 60% of users refuse to recommend a business whose website doesn’t work well on mobile. That’s a sizeable chunk of potential business gone.

Like many small businesses, you may not know where to begin designing your website. That’s where my website review comes in. I’ll assess your website looking at the design, content and user experience and give you clear advice on what to improve.


The review covers:

I’ll identify areas you can make improvements and give suggested action steps to take. The review is in video format, typically 15-30 minutes. 

“Your review of my website has been invaluable, thank you so much! The talk through video was amazing as I had a visual and you talking me through was awesome!”

Ready to improve your website?

Contact me for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs. Not sure if I’m the real deal? Have a look at my work on the portfolio, read testimonials from clients or follow me on Instagram (where I share cool stuff).