Fix a WordPress form not sending to G Suite domain email address

Recently I ran into an issue with a WordPress form not sending to the domain G Suite email address . It would send to every other email except one with the domain name. It stumped me for weeks.

I searched, tried, searched again, tried another ‘fix’ and nothing was working. All the articles I found suggested using an SMTP plugin to send the email through, even that didn’t work.

Finally I found the solution so to hopefully save you from countless hours, here is what I did to fix it.

Brief overview of issue:

Email form not sending to G Suite domain email address.

Things I tried:

  • Installing SMTP Plugin – fail
  • Install a different contact plugin – fail
  • Reseting DNS – fail

What did work:

To get the email to send to the domain email which was setup on G Suite, I did two things:

1 // Instead of having the ‘to’ address as I added ‘’ to the end so the email the form sent to was ‘’.

2 // Added an SPF TXT record to the domain DNS. Enter the following in a TXT record:

  • Name or host: Enter @ or leave blank.
  • Time to Live (TTL)—Enter 3600 or leave the default.
  • Value: Enter v=spf1 ~all

That’s it, those two steps solved my issue. I think it was the SPF record that was the crucial fix but honestly at this point I didn’t want to roll back point 1. It works, the email is received and I can breathe again.

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