Live Creatively Free Wallpaper

Yo! It’s free wallpaper time. If you have been following me for awhile you’ll have noticed that I love textures. This is not a new thing, I have enjoyed this style for many years so being able to incorporate it in my designs makes me happy. 

This week the wallpaper features two gorgeous colours and a textured style background.  I  have been embracing a creative lifestyle recently so I added the ‘Live Creatively’ text as a gentle reminder.

Download links for desktop and phone are below.

Live Creatively Free Wallpaper - This Week The Wallpaper Features Two Gorgeous Colours And A Textured Style Background.  I  Have Been Embracing A Creative Lifestyle Recently So I Added The ‘Live Creatively’ Text As A Gentle Reminder.


If you’re ready to download the wallpaper click your chosen link below which will allow you to save.

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