4 Super Simple Steps To A Cohesive Brand

Keeping your visuals consistent is the best way to create a recognisable brand for your blog and business online. I’m sure you have heard that a bazillion times, right? And you may be sitting there saying – ‘I know, I know but how do I do that and I’m not a designer! Help?!’

Well, today I’m going to try and make things a little bit easier for you by giving you my super simple steps to create a cohesive look across your website and branding.


First things first…. get some inspiration.

When you are considering a rebrand or tweaking your look the best thing to do is to seek some inspiration. Everyone is different in how they spark their imagination and gets their creative juices flowing. You might get into a creative head space with some of your favourite music playing, or by pinning things you love on Pinterest or maybe just be viewing others in your niche.

Whatever it is that gets you creatively pumped, actively take some time doing it. Gather things and ideas you like, love and think are freakin’ amazing. This process will help you figure out what you like, what you don’t like and what has been done to death.


Never underestimate the power of typography. It really can make or break your design.

Generally, the hardest part about choosing the fonts for your graphics is that there are so many available. As I write this I have almost 1,000 fonts on my computer… holy moly!

How do you choose the best one for you

  1. Experiment. Test. Then experiment some more.
  2. Stick with 2 to 3 fonts as too many can be overwhelming.
  3. Try to avoid the latest ‘on-trend’ font – you will probably notice explosions of certain types of font every so often.
  4. Consider all of the fonts applications – the fonts you choose will be used throughout all your designs – it is adaptable.

You can find fonts all over the internet but my favourite places are:-


Developing a consistent colour palette for your brand is essential. Settling on a specific set of colours will help maintain cohesive visuals across all your media.

You need to love the colours so try to listen to yourself and what you like. Not what everyone else does or what you see someone else using. Colours are such a personal preference – you are not going to please everybody. But the least you can do is make sure you love your choices.

How to choose your colour palette

  • Hop over to Pinterest and start pinning images you like, you will soon begin to see a pattern emerge.
  • Look to nature – this is where I get a lot of my colour inspiration. Nature has the most unexpectedly awesome colour harmonies.
  • Research colour phycology – what do your colour preferences evoke and represent.
  • Find a balance between what you love and who you want to represent.


Finding your own unique style is one of the hardest parts of branding yourself. Especially when your niche is saturated with thousands of people all trying to get noticed. Your personality should shine through as this is what will allow you to stand out amongst your peers.

How to find your own style

  1. Be authentic – don’t try to fit into a ready-made mould. No one wants to see a carbon-copy of someone else.
  2. Figure out what you are into – are you more rock chick than girly and feminine or do you prefer vintage boho to classic and elegant?
  3. Don’t follow what is popular at the moment. Trends come and go so try to create a style that isn’t going to look dated in 6 months.
  4. Keep it simple.


Have fun and get creative.

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Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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