6 Top Class WordPress Plugins Your Blog Needs

You may be thinking ‘not another WordPress plugin list’, but don’t worry this one is a little different.  I’ve put together a list of less well-known plugins that you may not have heard of or came across yet.

These plugins are especially useful for bloggers who want to add a bit more function to their blog without complicated installs and set up.


Yoast Comment Hacks

First up we have ‘Yoast Comment Hacks‘ which is a really handy plugin that works alongside WordPress comments.  Ever wanted to redirect your commenters to a ‘thank you’ page after they have taken the time to leave you a comment? Then you need this plugin.

With this, you can set up a redirect page when a visitor leaves a comment for the first time.

The page could contain anything; newsletter signup, special freebie only for commenters, a list of your popular posts. The possibilities are endless.

The great thing about this is that it potentially keeps visitors on your blog longer and delving into more of your juicy content.

That’s not all.  You also set a minimum word limit for comments, which forces people to be more descriptive with their comments. And you can email commenters directly if you fancy sending them a private or more detailed response.




The redirection plugin allows you to easily set up redirects for links that are no longer on your website.

For example, you may have removed a post and instead of showing visitors a 404 error when they click the link it will redirect them to another page.   Or you have changed your URL and need to divert the traffic to the new links.  This simple little plugin does just that.


The settings are super easy to use and you can have the redirect set up in seconds.

The plugin also has a feature that tracks 404 errors.  Useful for checking if any of your links are no longer working.



Better Delete Revision

You may have noticed when you are writing your posts and pages there is a ‘revisions’ section. The revisions are the number of times you have edited or added to that post or page.

Now if you write directly into the WordPress editor and go back to edit your post several times before publishing you could end up with 5, 10, 30 or even 50 revisions.

All those revisions clog up your database and if you are anything like me and need things organised, then the ‘better delete revision’ plugin is a must.

With this plugin you can remove all of the ‘revisions’ from your database, leaving you with a clean system! Ah, organised bliss!



Reduce Bounce Rate

Every blogger and website owner wants to reduce their bounce rate because it means that people are sticking around your blog longer.

This plugin works with Google Analytics to give a more accurate rate of bounce.

For example, if someone visits an article on your blog and spends 3 minutes reading then leaves the site, that is still counted as a bounce in your stats.  Even though they spend a few minutes on your website.

Reduce Bounce Rate tells Google Analytics every 10 seconds if that visitor is still on your page so it doesn’t count as a quick visit and bounce out.



Broken Link Checker

There’s nothing worse than finding a broken link on your website.  It is bad for your visitors user experience and it is also bad for SEO.

The Broken Link Checker is a life saver for bloggers and website owners because it checks your posts, pages and content for broken links and lets you know if any is found.

Awesome! As you can quickly set up a redirect or fix the error with the link and prevent those 404 errors.



Content Views

If you’d like to display your pages or posts in a grid format but don’t want to mess around with the coding or CSS on your website.  Then you will love the ‘content views’ plugin.  It allows you to easily add grid layouts to your posts or pages with a shortcode.

Even with the free version there are a number of options you can choose for displaying your content – from a list to a responsive grid format, like the example below.

You can also exclude certain posts or only include a chosen few that relate to the page or content you want to highlight.



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Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

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