Wildflowers – Free Wallpaper & Printable

This week my free wallpaper and printable is a quote that I love about wildflowers. Which as you can see from my name I’m quite fond of.

And who doesn’t like wildflowers? They are beautiful, colourful and grow in the unlikeliest of places, enhancing the natural landscape.

I’m often asked how I chose the name for my business; Wildflowers & Pixels. As much as I love how gorgeous the wildflowers are, I like that they grow anywhere making a drab and uninspiring place instantly more appealing. And that’s my aim with my design studio – to take a website or brand and turn it from lackluster into something that is visually stunning.

“Like wildflowers;  You must allow yourself  to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” – E.V

Free Wallpaper &Amp; Printable Of &Quot;Like Wildflowers;  You Must Allow Yourself  To Grow In All The Places People Thought You Never Would.&Quot; - E.v


If you’re ready to download the wallpaper or printable click your chosen link below which will allow you to save.

As part of my 2016 blog goals, I’m planning to add a free wallpaper and printable here every Monday for you to download and make your tech or walls pretty.  So please stop by every week to see what’s new or better yet, sign up for my  newsletter (signup below) and never miss anything!



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