Let’s Get Organised Free Wallpaper

It’s a lovely day here today. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are starting to bloom. This time of year makes me happy and I feel motivated to get stuff done.  

So, following on with the theme of gettin’ s**t done, I have a free desktop wallpaper to help you organise your day/week/month. With 3 columns for ‘arghh, this is urgent (do it now), for reference (to keep those files you need regularly) and projects/posts (for keeping the files together for your current projects and blog posts).

Wanna get your hands on it, the download link is below.

Lets Get Organised Free Wallpaper


If you’re ready to download the wallpaper or printable click your chosen link below which will allow you to save.

Do you love wallpapers? Yes, then make sure you stop by every Monday for the latest download. 


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