5 Tips For Effective Mobile Ecommerce & 46 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks

Josh from Website Builder is guest posting today with 5 tips for improving your ecommerce website on mobile along with a fantastic infographic featuring 46 optimization hacks to boost your conversion rate.

Mobile phone usage and e-commerce stores go hand in hand in the world that we live in today as more and more people are taking to do their online shopping when they are out and about. Therefore it is absolutely vital for brands to make their ecommerce store mobile friendly, or at least have a brand app that can be alternatively used. Although the majority of new companies are adapting to this consumer behaviour, there is still a fair share that are yet to make the change, and these are at risk of missing out on some serious sales.

According to website builder reviews, one of the most important tips to increase the conversions of an e-commerce store is to make sure that a company website is mobile friendly. The popular store of Walmart increased their conversions by 20% after implementing a mobile friendly design. By making this simple change, more people felt comfortable using the site on a smaller screen.

Even Google has noticed the importance of mobile use in today’s society, and has adapted its algorithm to check a sites mobile capabilities before listing it in a search. Basically, if an online store doesn’t have a mobile presence, then they might as well give up!


The term M-commerce is now being used to describe the sub-group of e-commerce transactions that are being made on a mobile phone. If mobile shopping is becoming so popular, how should companies adapt their site to make it mobile friendly?

    • Pinch and Zoom– More often than not, a mobile phone screen is very small, so many sites have enabled the pinch to zoom features that lets visitors to the site get a closer look at different text or images, or make it easier to navigate.


    • Swiping- This is an effective way to make use of the limited space that a mobile phone provides, and visitors like it due to its interactivity and engagement. This feature is best used for product pictures, giving visitors a clearer view of what they are buying before they make a purchase.


    • Speed- Site speed is even more important on a mobile than a desktop computer, as mobile users seen to have very small attention spans when it comes to waiting for a site to load. If a user is left waiting for longer than 3 seconds, then chances are they are going elsewhere.


    • GPS- it is essential that sits have a GPS store finder integrated into their site or app to aid those that want to use their mobile devices for research before going to buy a product in person directly from a store. Many companies still fail to have built in GPS meaning that they still do not fully understand the benefits that this could bring.


  • Think with your Thumb– Brands should remember that the majority of site visitors will be using their thumb in order to navigate the site, therefore the majority of navigation on the site should be on the bottom half of the screen.
Infographic Cro Hacks Redesign Update 1
46 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks Infographic by Website Builder

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