How to Easily Hide WordPress Widgets on Mobile Devices

Bernadette from PHPBITS Creative Studio is guest posting today to show you how easy it is to hide WordPress widgets on smartphones.

There is a good reason why we need to hide WordPress widgets on mobile devices. Well, not all widgets, of course, but only those you think are just making the page look too crowded. People spend more time on mobile browsing than on desktop, so we want our websites to look good not only on desktops, but also on smartphones and on tablets.

By good-looking websites, we mean having pages with designs, tools, and contents that help generate huge traffic. It is a common practice to lay out pages for desktop view first before doing so for mobile view. However, to avoid long hours of coding, we don’t make any modification. This usually results to having mobile pages that don’t fit perfectly into the tiny smartphone screen. Also, this can mean having too many widgets that make pages look overcrowded. Well, you can still avoid long hours of coding but achieve the ideal look for your website whether on mobile or on desktop view. You can easily hide WordPress widgets on mobile devices in just a few “no-coding” easy steps. It’s made possible by Widget Options plugin from PHPBITS Creative Studio.

Why hide WordPress Widgets on Mobile devices?

On desktop view, we make some widgets visible in more than one area in a page. For example, we strategically place the “Recent Posts” widget in both the sidebar and the footer in order to be within the user’s reach from top to bottom of the content. However, it may not be necessary to have this widget in both areas when on mobile view. Say, you want to hide it from the sidebar.  Just go through this simple procedure:

Step 1. Download Widget Options for free. Click “Plugins > Add New” from your WordPress dashboard, then in the “Add Plugins” page, type “Widget Options” into the Keyword Search field. (See image below.) Click “Install Now”. Click the “Activate” button, which appears right after the download is finished.

Install Plugin

Step 2. On your WordPress dashboard, click “Widgets” from the “Appearance” tab. You will then be lead to the page where both your active and inactive widgets can be found.

Goto Widgets

Widgets Dashboard

In the list of widgets in the sidebar shown on the image above, you can find the “Recent Posts” widget. Again, you want to hide this widget from mobile view.

Step 3. Click on the widget to reveal the options and go to the “Devices” tab (the “mobile phone” icon”).

Devices Tab

Step 4. From the Hide/Show menu, choose “Hide on Checked Devices”.

Hide Selection

Step 5. Just below the Hide/Show menu, you will find the “Devices” list. Tick the box opposite “Mobile”, then click “Save”.

Hide Widgets Mobile

With this Devices Options feature of Widget Options, you can now afford to hide or show widgets on mobile, desktops, and tablets as often as you want to see what works best for your site.

Widget Options’ Other Features

Widget Options not only lets you hide WordPress widgets on mobile and other devices but also lets you do the same on specific pages and posts. Discover Widget Options’ other amazing features by clicking “Settings > Widget Options” on your WordPress dashboard.

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